Launched in September 2015, JO DISAYA is a prêt-à-porter label that infuses radicalism and rebellion in a strong yet subtle manner. The label focuses on defined silhouettes with attention to accessory detailing and fabrication.

JO DISAYA draws inspiration from the concept of modern androgyny. Essentially, it is an expression of its designer and brand owner Jo Disaya’s personality.

Since its entry into the market, the label has showcased in Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, and is stocked in London (United Kingdom), Paris (France), Pamplona (Spain), Melbourne (Australia) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Based on buyers’ interests, media responses, industry critics and fashion influencers’ feedbacks, the JO DISAYA label was immediately validated based on its uniqueness in design, fabric composition and price point.

JO DISAYA is for the women who seek internal and external confidence and empowerment while supporting the concept of individuality and equality.

Professor Jimmy Choo Award for Next Designer Of The Year 2016 (Fashion)
Mercedes Benz Most Promising Designer Of The Year 2017